Where electricity is not available or the cost of grid connection is too high, REMAGALO gives the solution to install an off-grid photovoltaic facility.

Installation is designed under customer requirements. Batteries rack bigger than others, to avoid great deep discharges, with 3-days range. Always with monitoring controll and electrical protections to over voltages, shortcircuits, etc.


By the way, there are developed other pv kits for streetlamps and other applications: water pumping, air extractor, antennas, road signing, etc.

All components are with high quality, certificatied, accomplishing all international stanadars.



In REMAGALO we have developed photovoltaic solar streetlamps with own, flexible, reliable, robust design, for off-grid aplications, such as solar streetlighting, houses, gardens, roads, and others.

Descargar kits para iluminación aislada [Download REMAGALO Photovoltaic Solar Streetlamps Catalogue]



Moreover, thanks to our Engineering Department we can design pv streetlamps tailor-made, according to customer needs.

Our main competitive advantage is based on our expertise design team, which with our favorable commercial agreements with manufactures of lighting, batteries, inversors, charge controllers, permit us to offer the best prices in the market, with a robust and reliable design.

All the components have international certifications and pv modules of our solar kits are own-made, Spanish manufactured, according to international standard IEC-61215.

Warranties:  10 years in metalic structure, 5 years in modules and lamps and 2 years in rest of components.

Technical assistance and interest for our customer requirements are the most important for REMAGALO. 

REMAGALO is a symbol of safety, quality and confidence.

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farola solar detalle

farolar solar detalle



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