Photovoltaic projects to generate electricity energy which installation is on-grid. This energy can be fully injected to grid or part of it can be autoconsume by own customer (home or business building)

There are three kind of installations:

- Photovoltaic home-installations, on grid, instant own consumption, net metering** or electrical business.

Off-grid photovoltaic installations: For off-grid houses or off-grid facilities (water pumping, antennas, camaras, road signing, etc.)

-  Solar farms: Installations to produce a high quantity of electricity to sell in the wholesale market.

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PV on-grid Instalation on roof 20kW - Lugo



In Spain, it was recently approved the law R.D. 1699/2011. It describes technically how to work with a photovoltaic autoconsumption installation. It is also explained how will work net meetering in spanish market.

If we are able to generate 100% of consumption, then only fix payment will be charged. Even the time consumption is at different hours than time generation.

If you want to know more about net metering, you may consult next Wikipedia link: Net metering



All components can international certifications, with next guarantees:  

  • 10 years for structures
  • 5 years for modules, plus 90% of production at 10 years old and 80% at 20 years old.
  • Rest of components 2 years guarantee

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A home photovoltaic installation calculator is available in the next link, in order to evaluate the number of pv modules you need in a pv installation at your house or building. [Read More]

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