REMAGALO begins in rehabilitation, renovation sector, in 2002. Since 2008, Remagalo starts a new division, in Energy Engineering.

Nowadays, thanks to AE3, Remaglo is capable to carry out Certifications of Building Energy Calification, as well as energy audits.




Remagalo works on renovation, rehabilitation and construction proyects, and also doing improvements on buildings energy efficiency.

We are experienced on solar energy installations: thermal and photovoltaic, to save energy on your home.

REMAGALO trusts in projects which improves quality of life of our clients and society. Not only improving the habitability and facilities, even though houses sustainability.

How? Spending less energy, decreasing losses by insolating, improving climatitaion efficiency, renovatin devices, taking advange of sun energy, reducing lighting wasting.

In conclusion, Remagalo, gives to the customer th opportunity of being kinder to the environment while obtaining economic benefit.




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