REMAGALO is full-skilled in light sustitution. Improving energy efficiency of existing lighting. This changes drives to important savings, up to 50%.

As well as improving performance with other advantages:

  • Less consumption
  • High lifetime
  • Better lighting
  • Less emissions
  • 100% recycling

LED lighting is now starting to use in domestic applications. Today it is available different solutions to achieve a very important saving, in comparision to traditional lighting (incandescent, fluorescent, low consumption).

Inmediatly, important savings in your electricity bill will be achieved.

Currently, it is available two new technologies:

  1. For domestic sector and indoor solutions it is recommended to use LED technology.
  2. For outdoor solutions, where more wide lighting is required it is necessary to use magnetic induction technology.




Next link, it is available a pdf document, which compares technical characteristics of different kinds of lighting.

[Lighting comparision]


The LED product we offer is widely contrasted in different clients, some of enormous prestige. We can say that it is a quality product that has passed the most stringent controls with full warranty.


We have solutions for almost all applications, with a high quality product with many advantages:

  • LED Tubes with light angle of 270º.
  • Increase 20% luminosity.
  • Consumption reduction of 60%
  • 50.000h of lifetime
  • From 2 to 5 years of warranty.
  • Better quality of light (CRI higher 80%)
  • Non contaminant product (no gases inside), RoHs compliant.
  • SMD LED's double core, third generation, best quality.
  • Best quality/price rate of market.
  • Wide range of products.

The replacement is performed very quickly, simply by replacing the lamp. In the case of fluorescent tubes must be also considered as a small technical detail, see right figure.




Nowadays, a key concerning of our society is to be more energy efficient, with growing importance from the point of view of sustainable economic growth. In REMAGALO we are pioneering of the electromagnetic induction lighting, which has important advantages over other type of lighting. You can evaluate yourself in next links:
M [Presentation on Electromagnetic Induction Lighting]

Briefing, most important features are:

  • Low consumption versus emitted light power.
  • Longest lifetime of 60.000h to 100.00h versus 8.000h VS, CFL or 45.000 del LED.
  • Warranty of 5 and 10 años from Manufacturer.
  • Usable in existing posts.
  • CRI >80% and wide emitted light distribution, no dark zones.
  • Instant swicht on.
  • Low heat emision (T<80ºC).
  • Works between 85-320V.
  • Low harmonic generation (<10%).
  • Power factor >0,95.
  • Green, Safe Technology with all international certifications.

REMAGALO is quality, warranty and confidence.

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