Besides the most common measures to reduce the electrical consumption of your electric billing , in REMAGALO we propose a new technology that simply connected in the picture of electrical assault of the house, building, mall, industrial installation..., definitively any electrical installation can get a reduction up to between 7 % and 12 % of the current consumption overall.

The cost compare compare to the financial savings it makes the payback periods very low, making this technology a very attractive option. We must not forget the reduction of CO2 emissions derived from this energetic saving.

Our equipments are a new technology brought from Japan, innovative and effective. In REMAGALO we believe that this simple technology can help to give the first important step and without technical complications in the way of being more energy efficient. Because to be more efficient energetically is a basic prop of our company. Every day has more importance that the economic growth is also sustainable

Besides reducing the energy consumption by means of the modification of the input electromagnetic wave to the consumer, this technology has other advantages:

1. Reactive Power reduction

2. Harmonics input reduction

3. Resistive losses reduction

4. Reduction of harmful electromagnetic waves (increasing life time of our electronic devices)

We have available to download a document, explaining more about this devices:
[Devices for Energy Efficiency]

REMAGALO is a symbol of safety, quality and confidence.

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