An energy audit for a building analyzes all energy consumptions, global and different parts. It gives us the energy balance, economic balance and environmental balance.

Also, in an energy audit it is offered the possible improvement measures, in order to achieve a better energy efficency state. The energy, economic and environmental impact is evaluated. As well as the ROI for each measure.

At the end, REMAGALO support the client, in all process, including the implementation of any energy saving measure.

Our people are full-skilled on this knowledge and experience. That is why we can offer all necessary resources to carry out an energy efficiency project with complete guarantees, optimal design and maximum return.

In conclusion, a detailed analysis of the energy situation of the facilities is performed. Afterwards, a report with results of measurements and improvement opportunities to achieve significant savings in energy consumption is deliver to the customer, evaluating the economic impact.

Finally, REMAGALO discuss with the customer the best way to improve the energy efficiency according to the results of our report. The best investment, the short payback.

  • Lighting improvement.
  • Climate devices sustitution.
  • Solar energy instalations: thermal and photovoltaic.
  • Cogeneration installations.
  • Electrical devices.
  • Insulation and building rehabilitations.
  • Windows and doors improvement.
  • Roof rehabilitation.









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